Ahlskog transport
ahlskog transport
ahlskog logistics
ahlskog air cargo

Transport & Logistics
Företagarvägen 8
68500 Kronoby
Pb 88, 68601 Jakobstad
tel: (06) 834 6950
fax: (06) 834 5995

Air Cargo
Företagarvägen 8
68500 Kronoby
tel 24h: 0400 606 950
fax: (06) 834 5995

Ahlskog Kronoby

Team Ahlskog

We are located in Kronoby, Finland and are organized in three different companies.

Ahlskog Transport
Handles courier services and smaller deliveries - locally and regionally as a door-to-door service. Ahlskog Transport is the parent company to the other companies in the group.

Ahlskog Logistics
Specializes in local and regional special deliveries and courier services. The company also offers a service for out-sourcing warehousing.

Ahlskog Air Cargo
Handles air cargo. Cooperation partner with Finnair Cargo Oy and Jetpak Finland Oy.


25 years

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